Restriction: Limit One Bag Rice for one Customer on each variety

SDPMart Premium IR-20 Rice - 10 Lbs

SDPMart Premium IR-20 Rice - 10 Lbs

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Restriction: Limit One Rice Bag per Customer, Orders of more than 1 quantity will be refunded

IR 20 is a variety developed by International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). So, it may be International Rice (IR 20), World's Best Premium rice offers you a unique aroma and incredible taste. Harvested from rich Indian paddy fields, 100% natural and has won several hearts across our region. It is perfect for making soft idlis, crispy dosas and goes well with the curries, which gives divine feeling to your taste buds.

Number of rice varieties came out, but many of them gone out of market in few years. But IR 20 rice stands proudly after 50 Years.

Reasons :

  1. First in taste.
  2. It helps in producing blood cells.
  3. It is a nourishing substance.
  4. Put our muscles strong.
  5. Controls Gas Problem
  6. Heals stomach sore.