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Peanut 5L + Sesame 5L + Health Mix

Peanut 5L + Sesame 5L + Health Mix

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Peanut Oil

SDPMart Chekko Virgin cold pressed groundnut oil is made from selected high-quality groundnuts. Also known as Peanut oil.

• The traditional wooden mill provides pure cold-pressed Groundnut oil.
• Cold-pressed groundnut oil contains essential omega 6 fatty acids and nutrients.
• It contains low saturated fats and it is free from bad cholesterol.
• Hygienic packaging with Eco-Friendly metal tin.
• Free from Preservatives, Trans Fat, Artificial colors.
• Made from sun-dried groundnuts, Chekko groundnut oil is a good source of plant sterols.
• Using Chekko Groundnut Oil for cooking can make your meal naturally healthy and nutritious.

Sesame Oil

Chekko Virgin Cold-pressed Sesame oil made from pure sesame seeds. Also called gingelly oil.

  • The traditional wooden mill provides pure cold-pressed sesame oil.
  • The non-heating method preserves the goodness of sesame and its health benefits.
  • It contains a good amount of mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats.
  • Hygienic packaging with eco-friendly metal tin.
  • Free from Preservatives, Trans Fat, Artificial colors.

Chekko Sesame oil is high in Vitamin-E and low in saturated fat. Chekko Sesame Oil has a good amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that give them unique taste and color. Chekko Sesame Oil is ideal for taking oil massage.

Natural Sprouted Health Mix

SDPMart's Health Mix Powder is 100% Natural and all ingredients are procured directly from local farmers. To make our powder, grains are sprouted, dried in natural sun light under shade, roasted and finely powdered. Hygienically packed for freshness and aroma.

  • 25 Ingredients
  • No Preservaties and additives
  • Balanced Meal/Drink


Pearl Millet, Finger Millet, Red Sorghum, Maize, Roasted Bengal Gram, Green Gram, Samba Wheat , Rice, Red  Rice, Little Millet, Kodo Millet, Barnyard Millet, Forbidden Black Rice, Bamboo Rice, Foxtail Millet, Barley, Dry Ginger, Cardamom, Almonds, Cashew Nut, Pistachios, Urad Dhal, Groundnut, Chickpeas Brown, Chickpeas White.

Cooking Instructions:

Mix 2 tablespoon of health mix powder with 2 cups water/milk without lumps. Cook the mixture on medium flame for 10 minutes. Add or reduce water/milk according to your preference.