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Native Urad Dhal + Chilli Powder + Turmeric Powder + Coriander Powder

Native Urad Dhal + Chilli Powder + Turmeric Powder + Coriander Powder

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Native Urad Dhal

Urad Gota, Rich In Protein, 100% Vegetarian, 1.81 kg

Urad Gota is very popular both in South Indian and Punjabi cuisines. It is a bean which contains plant protein. Urad Gota retains the texture and nutrients.

Taste: Mild

Form: Whole

Type: Vegetarian 

Colour: Creamy white 

Flavour: Rich and earthy 

Originated from: Indian subcontinent 


Urad Gota is enriched with natural goodness and is 

• Rich in Vitamin B

• Comes with soothing qualities

• Contains low amount of moisture

• Packed under hygienic conditions

• Contains low-glycemic carbohydrates

• Boosts energy levels and keeps active

• Does not contain added colours or chemicals

• Rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and dietary fibre

• Smoother and fluffier batter is prepared. This makes the idli and vada soft and fluffy



    • Toor Dhal is enriched with natural goodness and is :
    • Naturally hulled & Native variety.
    • No Chemical
    • No Preservatives
    • Direct from Farmers
    • Native Variety

    Chilli Powder

    SDPMart's Chilli Powder is 100% natural and procured directly from the local farmers in Southern India. The Chillies are sun dried, powdered, and packed hygienically. It is rich in protein and Vitamin C. No artificial colors are used.

    SDPMart Chilli (Red Pepper) is grown from different parts of south of India (Guntur, Andra; Byadgi, Karnataka). Different varieties of Chilies are mixed and grinded in a proper proportion to produce good spice, flavor and color. Chilli powder is basically used in lot of Indian cooking, essential in different curry dishes. Chilli powder is very sensitive to sunlight and should be stored in a dark place. Red Chilli powder can set the taste buds on fire; It is basically a spice blend consisting of one or two types of dried red chilies that are ground and pulverized into a fine powder.  SDPMart Chilli powder is unique in its process by cold pressed.

    Turmeric Powder 

    Pride of Salem
    Sourced from Salem, Tamil Nadu, India – this turmeric is one of the most powerful spices and Ayurveda’s favorite ingredients. The bright yellow spice is high in Curcumin content (>3%) and gives an earthy taste with citrusy bitterness and a pinch of pepper.

    It is also called Haldi in India and is used as a go-to fix for several health problems and minor cuts. It is a strong antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory agent.


    • A staple ingredient in every Indian dish.
    • Add a pinch of turmeric to milk and other dishes to get a delectable taste and destroy any bacteria.
    • Used in cosmetics for color and anti-bacterial properties.


    • Curcumin helps to improve the memory of an Alzheimer’s patient.
    • The anti-inflammatory property provides great relief from arthritic pain.
    • Turmeric activates the gallbladder to produce bile and instantly makes the digestive system efficient, lessens the effect of bloating and gas.
    • The natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it a special agent to treat cuts and infections. Can be applied raw and directly on the skin.
    • Helps to stimulate the immune system.

    Why SDP Mart?
    We supply the food you wish existed – pure like nature, highly nutritious, zero additives, non-GMO, and directly sourced from the farmers. We bring to your plate the traditional foods directly from the farmers in a way you will love to eat it.

    Coriander Powder

    SDPMart’s Coriander powder is 100% natural and procured directly from the local farmers.  Coriander seeds are dry roasted to improve the flavor, aroma, pungency, then powdered and packed hygienically. No artificial colors are added. Coriander seeds contain significant amounts of magnesium, calcium, manganese, selenium and dietary fiber.


    cilantro en polvo


    நாட்டு கொத்தமல்லி தூள் (Milgai Thul)


    కొత్తిమీర పొడి  (Kottimīra poḍi)


    धनिया पाउडर (dhaniya  paudar)


    ಕೊತ್ತಂಬರಿ ಪುಡಿ (Kottambari puḍi)


    മല്ലിപൊടി (mallipeāṭi)


    One of the common spices used in all the Indian curries, coriander provides a delicious taste to all the cuisines



    Packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.